Hold the device approximately 1 inch (2-3 cm) … Non-contact infrared thermometers measure surface temperature. In terms of modern thermometers, though, they are still considered one of the best available for home use. The ear thermometer senses infrared emissions in the ear to tell the temperature, which is then displayed on a digital screen. The measuring accuracy of your thermometer is also a factor to consider – please check your technical specifications for this information. NON-OFFENSIVE TESTING: The Infrared FOREHEAD Thermometer accurately measures a person’s body temperature in as little as one second. Foreheard thermometers rely on infrared energy to get their readings, which radiates from the patient’s forehead. 36.1° C on your forehead would translate to approximately 38.1° C body temperature – a possible indication of fever)” Refer to figure 1 for more information. These brands are just a few of the top rated manufacturers of forehead thermometers, and so you can put your trust in any of them to provide your family with an accurate and efficient model. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, spilled mercury can be toxic to humans and animals, and so it’s best to avoid these types altogether. The infrared thermometers give you a good indication of whether someone is running a fever, which should then be investigated further by a medical practitioner. This uses an infrared scanner to pick up the energy from your forehead and display a digital reading. However, taking someone’s temperature is not our normal practice and as such there are a few considerations: As measuring someone’s temperature is normally part of a medical examination undertaken by a qualified medical practitioner, you should take careful note of the following: https://www.bowmanslaw.com/insights/employment/safeguarding-the-workplace-from-covid-19/, Fig 1: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Diagrammatic-illustration-of-body-temperature-in-the-human-body-a-In-cold-environments_fig1_51178470, For more information, please contact us at info@testo.co.za, Food Focus is a part of the Food Risk Forum Group, For official information on the COVID-19 outbreak in South Africa, go to, How to get a Certificate of Acceptability, https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Diagrammatic-illustration-of-body-temperature-in-the-human-body-a-In-cold-environments_fig1_51178470. Most common infrared thermometers are spot infrared thermometer type that measures the temperature at a spot on a surface. Infrared thermometers, used to collect data from a distance, are fast and provide results indicating the body temperatures instantaneously. In addition, they are usually designed with smooth edges which aren’t harmful to children and have an ergonomic grip, Ease Of Use – A forehead thermometer has just one of two buttons, and you simply aim it at the patient’s forehead and press the button. Forehead temperature is relatively lower when compared with ear or rectal temperature measurement. It is designed to measure the forehead temperature of the human body easily and quickly. WAND is not malfunctioning, nor is it inaccurate, if it doesn’t read 98.6°F (37°C) for a healthy person. For the problem that the temperature of the forehead thermometer is easy to be affected by the environment, it can be solved by taking the average several times, or comparing the temperature of the armpit measured by the forehead gun and the mercury thermometer. But that reading is the temperature of the surface of the forehead, not core body temperature. They are sometimes called laser thermometers as a laser is used to help aim the thermometer, or non-contact thermometers or temperature guns, to describe the device's ability to measure temperature from a … This is because medical infrared thermometers cover a limited temperature range of around 10°C/20°F (Suitable for detecting the body temperature whose range is about 32..43°C/90..110°F), which achieves higher accuracy (accuracy tolerance of ± 0.3°C/0.6°F). Here we will go over some best practices for using these tools which will help you get the best results. Most models require gently pressing the probe to the temple to get a reading, but there are also noncontact models that only require holding the thermometer a couple of inches from the forehead. Looking to buy a forehead thermometer? The temporal artery thermometer is a little more modern in its design and comes with its own set of benefits. If you’re thinking of the essential items for your medical supplies at home, there’s no way you can be without a quality forehead thermometer. They’re impossible to get wrong and can give a result in a matter of seconds, Comfort – Because they are non-contact and noninvasive, forehead thermometers offer the most comfort for the patient, which is particularly, Remove any dirt or hair from the patient’s forehead for a more accurate reading, and position the thermometer in front of the forehead in between the eyebrows up to 5cm away from the skin, Press or hold down the button corresponding to the forehead thermometer, and wait for the beep or light to indicate that it is complete, Check the reading on the screen, and if necessary follow the steps again to take another test and verify that the temperature recorded was accurate, Take a large glass of water and fill it with ice as far as possible, and then add a little bit of water to the glass without overfilling. Every type and brand of forehead thermometer come with their own guidelines for use, however, in general, they are easy to use and great for instant results. 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