At the end of their term, judges have the option to run in a retention election.. Illinois is one of 14 states with partisan or nonpartisan judicial elections and retention elections. The 2020 Illinois judicial elections consists of both partisan and retention elections, including those for three seats on the Supreme Court of Illinois and 10 seats in the Illinois Appellate Court. More voter resources: 2020 Voter Guide to the General Election. Judicial elections in Illinois occur during even-numbered years. Look up your districts for U.S. House, Illinois Senate and Illinois House races. Judges who fail to meet this threshold will leave the court at the end of the current term in early December. The filing deadline for … A full term on the court is 10 years. will publish judicial evaluation results from bar associations and media outlets as they become available. Judicial retention. The Illinois Supreme Court may appoint a judge to fill the vacancy until the next election in 2022. Supreme, appellate, and circuit court judges in Illinois participate in partisan elections. The 10 seats were up for retention election or partisan election on November 3, 2020. To keep their seats, they must win at least 60 percent of voters' approval. The nine judges up for retention on Nov. 3 must receive at least 60 percent of the "yes" vote from Will County's voters in order to remain on the bench for another six years. 2020: Illinois Supreme and Appellate Court Candidates. 2020 General Election Ratings. The list of contests is divided by level of candidacy (Supreme, Appellate, Circuit, and Subcircuit): Supreme Court Elections First District (Supreme): Freeman Vacancy Fifth District (Supreme): Karmeier Vacancy. Appellate Judge Elections All Politcal Races Ballot Ready. Judicial Advisory Poll ratings are the opinion of those attorneys who chose to respond and do not reflect the opinion of the ISBA or the opinion of all Illinois attorneys. See how area bar associations rate judges in Cook County races. For more information about our judicial evaluations, please visit Voting for a judge is a ... "But there is no way that is ever going to happen in a state as political as Illinois. To help voters navigate the options, the Chicago Bar Association, Chicago Council of Lawyers and Illinois State Bar Association have screened and ranked candidates based on their qualifications. 2020 ILLINOIS JUDICIAL CANDIDATES FOR ELECTION. This crucial public service to help the citizens of Illinois vote for qualified judges. The quality of our judiciary is a critical part of our democracy, and informed voting for judges is necessary if we are to have good judges who are independent. In the upcoming March 17 Illinois primary election, judicial candidates are seeking positions on the Illinois Supreme Court, the Illinois Appellate Court and the Cook County Circuit Court. The graduated income tax proposal: Here is everything you need to know about the referendum. At the end of each term, judges must run for retention. Bookmark our 2020 Illinois election results page to follow vote … The terms of 10 Illinois Appellate Court justices expired on December 7, 2020. A primary was scheduled for March 17, 2020. [1] [2] Primary elections were held on March 17, 2020, and general elections was held on November 3, 2020. Judicial Voting & Evaluation Chicago Votes. Of the seven judges who ruled in favor of same-sex marriage in 2009, three left office after the retention vote in 2010, one has since retired, two have passed away, and the final justice will soon reach mandatory retirement age.